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*I've had left hip pain for several years and after the first Myofascial Release session I was pain free. I cried because I had forgotten what it felt like to have no more pain! This showed me that Myofascial Release is the therapy I need to do so this hip pain can be gone for good. I've had 5 sessions so far and each time the length of time that I'm pain free increases. Thank you Christine and Myofascial Release!!!  Jen-NJ

*I came in shuffling my feet and legs like a 90 year old and I'm only 58. After 5 treatments I am able to take steps, feel my hips move and strut!!! Myofascial Release has helped me get quality of life back. Thank you Christine, thank you! Bill,NJ

*If you have pain see Christine, If you have anxiety see Christine, if you want it all gone see Christine!  Jim,NJ

*Neck and jaw pain for 2 years kept me from fully enjoying  my life. After about 3-4 sessions of Myofascial Release I began to have less pain and it was staying that way! About the 9-10th  session it was 80% gone. It is such a miracle to now be out of the amount of pain I was in and to be able to enjoy my life more fully. I know as I continue with Christine I will be pain free and am so fortunate to be heading in that direction and to have found Myofascial Release. Chris,Montclair NJ

*I was having chronic hip ache in my left side. I tried a number of different therapies and nothing was lasting or addressing my pain. I was referred to Christine by an acquaintance. After 2 visits my hip pain diminished greatly and after 6 treatments I no longer have any pain and it has now been 8 months since the pain stopped! I now see Christine once a month for maintenance and it just feels good. Beth, Montclair, NJ

*I was in a car accident and was having trouble breathing during my day to day activities. I had to constantly stop and catch my breath. I had a battery of test's by my doctors and no one knew what was causing this. I went to Christine for a myofascial release session and 15 minutes into the session I was able to take my first deep breathe in 4 months. Whew! I now breath deeper then I ever have and continue to see Christine for myofascial release to work on the whiplash I also received from the same accident.  Paula - Montclair,NJ

*During the past year I have had allot of stress and upheaval in my life. A friend suggested I give Christine a call to release some of the stress I was under. Christine began the session using some of the energy work she does and the tuning forks. I don't know how it happened but when I left I felt more like myself with a sense of clarity that I have not had in a long time. Thank you Christine! Jaine - Montclair, NJ

*For nearly a week I was having extreme difficulty standing up straight and walking without pain and discomfort. Finding Christine on an internet search I went for a Myofascial Release treatment in which I walked upright without pain for the first time in over a week. I continued to see Christine 2x a week for a month and totally resolved my pain! Go see her!!! Linda, Montclair, NJ

*I was hunched over, neck pain, shoulder pain and an overall feeling of gloomy and despair.
I saw Christine for 5 session's and have been able to stand tall and am feeling hopeful and engaged with life again. I'm looking forward to our next session as I continue to get better and better. Matt, NJ

*My posture for these past 30+ years had always been my upper body leaning to the right. Believe me when I tell you I tried numerous solutions and just gave up thinking this is just me and how I'll always be. Well, I couldn't of been more wrong. I read an article on Myofascial Release and found Christine on an internet search. After the 1st session I was significantly more upright then I had been since I can't remember when.  I continued at home with the self treatment Christine gave me and seeing her once a week. It's been 2 months now and I'm literally standing tall and no more lean to the right.  Oh man what relief!!  Charlie, Maplewood

*For 5 years I was having pain through out my pelvic area. I have had every test under the sun done on me and still no relief. Within 4 treatments of Myofascial Release with Christine it was GONE!!! I wish I had found her 5 years ago!
I do my self treatment every day that she showed me and I keep getting better. I am so grateful to be pain free!!!
I highly recommend Christine and Myofascial Release. Barbara-West Orange NJ


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