Montclair Myofascial Release
Christine A. Angel, LMT, Expert MFR Therapist

Meditation, Relaxation, Grounding Instruction

Yes You can meditate!

Whether your interested in Meditation, Relaxation or Grounding Christine will work with you to create a program that fits your specific needs, personality and lifestyle.

Just as we rest our bodies, we also need to intenitonally rest our minds from the constant train of thoughts that inevitabley make up our life's experiences.

Effective meditation begins the process of slowing down the "runaway train" we call life. Since it is the function of the mind to be in constant motion, thinking, creating, analyzing, suggesting and much more.
It is of vital importance to balance that activity with the calmness and clarity we get from quieting the mind.

Applying certain meditation techniques allows us to become clearer in thought, more resourceful, compassionate, and understanding. Our health, memory, and quality of life improves.

I believe it is truly one of the greatest gifts we can give
ourselves. It is part of self care that is vitally important.

Peace, Christine


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